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You get to be free!

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I know the idea of free writing sounds pretty old school since typing digitally through an electronic device is a lot more simple and faster. You don’t have to read anymore. Audiobooks are accessible with one click of a button. You can read an entire…

Here’s why

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Clinging to things out of our control only gives us pain, agony, and suffering but being content in controlling ourselves is the true mark of happiness. The outside world has no control over our happiness unless we allow the world to have it. …

And what to know

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My Story

I remember first joining the writing platform known as “” in early April of this year. I discovered Vocal through a Medium creator where he had written three articles about the platform. He compared Medium with Vocal and provided his personal experience. I felt unsure on whether to try it…

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What happened to your dreams? When was the last time you dreamed and imagined something you truly desired with a passion? What happened to that fearless kid who wanted to become something great when they grew up? You didn’t let anything stop you. Your imagination traveled everywhere and your dreams…

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I’ve always admired the unique qualities and traits Will Smith carries. He speaks through personal experiences and uses them to teach others around him. Will Smith’s mindset is filled with intelligence and humbleness.

His way of thinking leaves me fascinated. I find myself wanting to learn more about him. A…

and confident.

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A lot can happen in a year. 2020 formed a tremendous impact on the entire world. One minute we were up and the next minute we were down. Opportunities were brought and lessons were taught. We grieved, we smiled, we laughed, we cried, and we still continued to try. …

and always stand out.

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In the digital age, it is easy to idolize people through social media platforms and compare your life to theirs. Comparison is linked to feeling insecure, and insecurity is linked to fear. Insecurity is to lack of self-confidence and fear is to be threatened by something that can cause you…

And probably you too.

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I am writing this article on December 11th. It took me 11 months and 11 days to realize why 2020 has made me so uncomfortable.

It’s kind of crazy how when you are in the midst of a bad circumstance you’re lost for words, stranded under a big dark cloud…

Goodbye old Thanksgiving, hello new Thanksgiving.

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This Thanksgiving, many of us may not get the opportunity to be around our family and friends like the previous years. If we were around our loved ones this year, it probably would involve a lot of hand washing, keeping our six feet distance (Oh, and buying tissue rolls.) If…

Daisha Wilson

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